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Welcome - We Are 

What is the Mariner Marauder Booster Club (MMBC)?          


We are a volunteer parent organization.  The main function of the MMBC is to provide administrative support that allows all Mariner Clubs and Athletic programs non-profit status.  Many clubs can’t function without the MMBC, and we need volunteers to succeed! 


Our fully volunteer-based corporation is a 501(c)3 organization (91-1716412).  We provide the ability for individuals and businesses to donate tax-deductible funds to MHS clubs and athletic programs.  We assist clubs and athletic programs with tracking their fundraising money.  


Mariner High School has a beautifully diverse community, and many of our students need assistance with getting basic needs met.  MMBC believes each student should have equitable opportunities to thrive in high school.  There are many activities and clubs offered at Mariner including student support clubs (Blue and Gold), sports teams, sports clubs, language clubs, culture and art clubs to name just a few. Funding may be a barrier for MHS students and that is why the MMBC is vital to making a difference for all MHS students. Student participation in high school activities help to provide a sense of belonging, personal growth, and character development.  With the support of parents, staff, teachers, athletic directors, and the various club members and directors, we are able to assist in many ways for students. 

We also offer scholarship opportunities to graduating seniors!


We support Mariner Staff too!  Most teachers spend their own money to help with basic needs in their classrooms.  The Booster Club has helped with color copies, banners, and other items needed to help in the classroom, library, and around campus. 


How can you help?


  • Become a Booster Club Member!  Cost $15.00  (annually)

       There are several other levels of membership; select the one that best suits you!

  • Become a Booster Club Member and attend General Booster Club Meetings.

  • Become a Booster Club Member and Volunteer to help with special projects. Most projects are short-term and specific to events or functions at the school.

  • Ask your employer/local business to donate to the Mariner Marauder Booster Club!


There are no time or volunteer requirements. 

We are happy to have you help in any capacity!


To join our mailing list, please email:

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